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A Worse Stab-In-The-Back To Books Than Any eReader

knife-in-back 'L.A. Times' Cuts Review Freelancers 
By Wendy Werris In a move as significant for its breadth as its implications for the future of book coverage, theLos Angeles Times book review laid off all of its freelance book reviewers and columnists on July 21. Susan Salter Reynolds was with the Times for 23 years as both a staffer and freelancer and wrote the “Discoveries” column that appeared each week in the Sunday book review. She was told that her column was cancelled and will not be replaced by another writer. “I don’t know where these layoffs fit into the long-storied failure at the Times,” she said yesterday, “but these are not smart business decisions. This is shabby treatment.” Jon Thurber, editor of the book review, explained to Reynolds last Thursday that all books-related stories will now be done in-house, and that the decision to cease eliminate non-staffers was based on his freelance budget being cut. Richard Raynard’s popular “Paperback Writers” has also been eliminated. Sonja Bolle, a contributing columnist on children's books, who most recently wrote the monthly “WordPlay” column, said, “This indicates an even deeper contraction of the business, a continuation of a process at the Times that doesn’t stop here.” Bolle is most concerned about the shrinking coverage of children’s books. “This is a great loss for readers,” she said of the shrinking Book Review. (more)   http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/promotionalss/article/48139-l-a-times-cuts-review-freelancers.html  (image)  http://deusexeverriculum.wordpress.com/2008/11/ 

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ET TU, L.A.?

Now there will be more room for stories about reality TV.