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A Right Royal Book Launch

I can but hope to have some type of book signing similar to this. One would think it possible since Queen Elizabeth herself is a character in two of my novels. Even at that, I suppose I can not hope that HM herself would attend. Still, she might offer the use of one or the other royal suites - preferably in London (if you happen to be reading this, Ma'am).

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Book Party for Sally Bedell Smith’s New Queen Elizabeth Biography (Photos)

A book-signing party for Smith’s new book on the Queen attracted quite a crowd.

By Carol Ross Joynt



Chris Matthews with author Sally Bedell Smith. Photograph by Jeff Martin.


There are book parties—and then there are va-va-voom book parties fit for a queen. That’s what Sally Bedell Smith got this past weekend with the Washington celebration of her new biography, Elizabeth the Queen. I daresay even the Queen herself would have been gobsmacked.

Hosts Bernard and Joan Carl—he seriously rich with private equity money, together the owners of the French luxury linen company D. Porthault, and with homes in the Loire Valley, London, and Southampton—filled the rooms of their Kalorama mansion with the prettiest spring flowers, candles, and framed photos of the royal family at work and at play, and served a comforting Anglo menu. There was even a receiving line at the front door, as Joan Carl welcomed Washington’s version of aristocracy, high and low.

Smith, for her part, never budged from the library, where she sat near a fire signing copies of the book. Her husband, Washington Examiner executive editor Stephen Smith, worked the other rooms on her behalf. There were many rooms—even a carpeted tent—and many friends.