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A Christmas Tradition Begins
The Elephant nods.


I wrote this blog last year, when the event happened. So I thought I would share the Festive Season joy once more. Let the experience resonate. And soon, tell you what happened THIS year.



Last night, as I stepped from a city transit bus, within the half minute I realized my wallet was not in my pocket. A city bus goes far in a half minute, and there was no way to catch it. I do not live far from that particular bus stop, and aimed home quickly, in hopes of phoning the Transit company and alerting the bus. However, my friend, Dan (and now , in my eyes, officially a God) said, "Let's give chase."

We were about fifteen minutes behind the bus. We knew the route but not all the stops. At one of the central bus terminals we found a Transit supervisor sitting in a spiffy Supervisor's vehicle. After hearing my tale (yes - of woe) he attempted to contact the bus. However, he found that this was one of the transit buses which yet had to get a radio installed. A query about the driver's cell phone led to no results. So, with Dan and I in the back of his spiffy vehicle, he set out in pursuit. We drove seven or so minutes, following the bus route. There was really no doubt we would find the bus, but would we find the bus before someone found my wallet and put it (or its contents) in their own pocket. I wanted to urge him on ,but not have him break the law. Losing a wallet is not the way to end the year.

Up streets, down roads, around crescents we went. Traffic circles and winding hills were passed. Then, on the downward slope, on the other side of the road, sat the bus. #14. Waiting for passengers. The Supervisor stopped and walked across the road. The driver opened his door. They both looked around the seat and on the floor. The Supervisor returned and handed me my wallet. Pristine with perhaps a smudge of mud. It had not been liberated. On the way back to the terminal I was able to enjoy the Christmas lights.

 Class this as happiness or not. It made me happy.