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2011 Man/Booker Short List Sells Books

In Real Estate they say it is "Location Location Location". In books (as with most of the arts) is it "Publicity Publicity Publicity". It doesn't really matter what they say, as long as they spell your name [and title] correctly. I have had long standing arguments about positive vs negative news and reviews with other authors. I contend (though can't prove) that if 100 people read a 'good' review, 50 will buy the book. If 100 people read a 'bad' review, 50 will buy the book. What they need to know is that the book exists.

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2011 Man Booker shortlist most popular ever

by Philip Stone

Sales of the six novels in contention for the 2011 Man Booker Prize have totalled 37,500 copies across all print editions since the shortlist was announced, making it the most popular Booker shortlist since records began.

Sales of the novels are up 127% year-on-year and up 105% on the previous record (2009), and have been helped by the fact that, unusually, two of this year's six nominated novels (A D Miller'sSnowdrops and Carol Birch's Jamrach's Menagerie) are already available to buy in a mass-market format.

In addition, with the most expensive shortlisted titles costing just £12.99, all six novels can currently be purchased at UK booksellers for a total of £65.94—down 36% (or £37) on 2010's selections.