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Who do you call at 3am and the only thing you can do to stop from going insane is to scream into a pillow?  Everyone else in your life has schedules, spouses, children, etc. and just simply aren't available when you need them the most.  And what if they are there?  What are they going to tell you...
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In these trying times, it is easy to believe that we might have somewhere along the way been abandoned by God.  Either that or we simply don't know how to apply the rules to lives that bear no resemblance to those peope that Jesus walked amongst 2,000 years ago.  There are some that insist that God...
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Why is it that we, with each passing day, turn toward outide sources to solve our most intiment and painful dilemas? I have found myself at a time in my life where new experiences, good and bad, should be a cause for excitement.  To embrace the challenges and become altered forever more by whatever...
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I can only kneel with bended knee at the feet of writers such as James Patterson, Stephen King,, Dean Koontz, etc.  They carve from silken marble the words and stories that each of us wish could write and eagerly buy to read.  How do they do it?  It cannot simply be dedication and work ethic.  If...
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