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My Saddnes and your Power Center

Not to get ghetto, but I like to keep it real here. So, I feel the urge to share again today and then we’re going to jump into the Solar Plexus chakra. We’re skipping the second, just to stay on topic but I’ll come back to that one on Thursday.

I’m going to share another part of the very insightful reading I received:

“This indicates a need for you to be honest about sadness within you Crystal. This is a clue to the block you are feeling, which seems to be generated from your Solar Plexus chakra. It is okay to face your sorrow, to look upon your past knowing it is over, just a holographic representation of a previous time in your experience and to feel sadness. Let it wash over you, face it honestly and then let it go.”

When I first read it I was like, whoa what are we talking about here? Some quiet reflection was needed. Now I haven’t done a lot of inner work as of late, at least not consciously. Apparently, I’m doing a lot of clearing in my dreams which explains why I wake up still tired but that’s all good. I do feel the urge to get away for a little quiet time and some inner R&R. I really want to get out to the Oak Alley Plantation and shack up in one of their cottages for the weekend, but funds do not permit right now. I’m going to have to settle for a little quiet time down by the riverfront this week, which is nice too. I’m also having this quiet urge to visit the Islands. I think I’ll end up living on one, one day in the near future. I’m definitely an island kind of girl. We’ll see how that goes once book sales start stabilizing and bringing in the bling bling :-D

Anyway back to my sadness. I’m really working on clearing out blockages. I’ve set a goal for myself and that’s full activation by my twenty-eight birthday. I’m noticing subtle things moving in that direction, reminding myself to keep my thinking reversed, meaning don’t think about what I don’t want, think about what I DO want (you should too btw). My stomachs been a little eh for a while now, very sensitive, so to be reminded that I have blockage in that area makes a lot of sense. But what was this sadness? What the hell was I sad about that I was ignoring instead of dealing with? And then I figured it out. One of those, “really? Oh. All righty then” type moments.

I have trouble with that, dealing. Not because I don’t want too, because I’m not sure how. So, since I’m God I’m going to make it up as I go along and let you know how it works. I’m sharing today because I feel it sitting over me. Not pain, not anger, simply sadness. I’m not bothered by it which is strange to, rather peacefully accepting of the emotion. I feel the urge to embrace it, hug it like you would a little child that’s sad and then, let it go. Through visualization? Maybe. Inhaling clean light into that chakra and silently saying, “I release this blockage” might also help. Maybe. We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

I was also encouraged to - “Celebrate your life, celebrate the pain you have experienced, because while pain has not created you, it has helped to shape you into the person you Are. Holding it within only serves to weigh you down. So let it go, honestly, with love and thanks for all you have experienced…” I think I’ll throw a party once I’ve let this wash over me. Totally not even kidding, who wants to come? :-D

(As a side note, it took me three days to write this post. When I first sat down I got the majority of it out but I ended up having to pull away and just sit silently. Then I’d come back to it, leave it again and well, I’m back! Is my sadness still here? Yes. And it’s so strange to be glad your sad. But I feel like I’m purging so, I don’t fight it. Never in my life have I had the constant urge to be held and at the same time feel like I am on some weird mystical level. It’s so odd.)

Now, lets get to talking about the Solar Plexus.

This is your power center. The color yellow is associated with, it is your third chakra and located right in your solar plexus. “To experience more peace in your life, give up the need to be right.” This saying is the epitome of a balanced third Chakra.

It is from this chakra that you focus your intent. This is where your self discipline, self restraint and self control come from. This is where you assert yourself without being defensive, where you stand up from your beliefs. Where you encourage cooperation instead of competition. It is the ability to define your boundaries, to be able to say yes, when you mean and no when you don’t. This is where self mastery is born.

When those moments in life arise that you are tested and you have to choose to stand up for yourself or whether or not to engage in petty power conflicts you need to be able to exercise discernment. You want to be able to stand up for yourself when you need to, but also have the inner strength to be able to walk away when appropriate. As your grow into your power your going to be tested. Like attracts like, but not all conflicts are meant to be engaged in, everyone knows that. You must know when and when not too.

Imbalances here are pretty obvious. You either overuse this chakra or you under use it. When you overuse it, everything becomes a competition. Everything is a battle a test to be won. You must always be right. The need to prove yourself is so strong that petty power conflicts are created to test you. The attitude of I have a right to be pissed off, look what just happened to me, is common. Being in this state will simply attract more situations that justify, in your head, your anger. Remember, we must look at the energy first, and the events afterward. Our energy creates the events that are drawn to us. Balance within yourself leads to balance in your world, its that easy.

Examples of under use of this chakra are feeling guilty when you say no, slipping into that martyr role, or an inability to assert yourself when the situation calls for it. If you are person who constantly has to do things that you don’t want to do, your are imbalanced here! There is a difference in “Being of Service” and being a servant.

An imbalance in the third chakra can also be caused by imbalances in your first two as well. Everything is connected! If your are insecure and have an inability to enjoy others, hierarchical issues will certainly come into focus. If your life is fraught with lots of silly power conflicts, look inward and pinpoint where your off balance at. And don’t forget as silly as you may think it sounds your spirit guides are always there, those little angels on your shoulder that are always willing to help, ask if you need, but make sure you pay attention once you have!

I’ve got a lot of experience dealing with this chakra. I’ve suffered from imbalances on both sides of the scale. I’ve been in states where “to battle!” was my motto and I’ve been in states where my entire life felt like one big “have too.” I also find it interesting that certain people have the potential to trigger my different level of imbalances in this chakra. For example, I’ve got one friend who pokes at the “need to be right” angel and my saying “no” to my mother use to be a real challenge for me and when I did provoked feelings of guilt (that has since passed. Love yah though mom!).

So, there’s that. We’ll be backing tracking to the second chakra soon. While I’m sitting in this sadness I think I’ll put it to good use and write a few posts for a few characters in my roleplay game :-D. No better time to express emotion through words right?