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Tired? Have a Break!

It was only two days ago when I finally realized how busy I’ve been in the past months. I always feel tired and exhausted but I never knew the reason why, not until a friend told me to slow down and have time for myself. After seeing the movie, "Just like Heaven" a film directed by Mark S. Waters, I’ve come to appreciate the value of time. I really enjoyed the story because it’s a sort of comedy, slight drama and love story piled up as one. And I’m pretty sure that you’ll enjoy it, too.

Her name was Elizabeth. She’s awake, she’s alert. She’s a woman of energy. She’s a doctor practicing her profession at St. Matthew’s Hospital where she seemed to be living. She’s single and wholeheartedly committed to the patients. She’s independent and as busy as a bee. 

Until one day, a phone call from her Sister Abby made her drive home. While on her way, her car accidentally bumped into a truck. And there she was, half-dead, critically lying on a hospital bed, in the state of coma.

It’s incredible how her ghost/spirit haunted and roamed around her apartment, which at that time was rented by a man named David. She wanted him to leave, almost dragged him out of the house but he didn’t. So they argued. Yet, thereafter they became friends. And together they searched for the answers to her questions. It was quite hard because she was visible only to David’s eyes, to the rest, she was not.


Funny, how they enjoyed each other’s company and later realized that they’re in love. It wasn’t easy because only her subconscious part was working. The problem was how would her wandering spirit and her unconscious physical body become one? Failure of doing so would mean she’ll be totally dead.

It was really something crucial, choosing between life and death. Yet love was able to make a way. One kiss from him brought her to life again but leaving no memories of him on her mind, as though nothing had happened between them before and that they were not acquainted to each other.


But her heart knew there was a missing part of her, a part which only David could complete. Undeniably, he needed her and she felt that way, too. And when they finally gave in, it was a happy ending.

Sometimes, no matter how hyperactive we are, there will come a point in time when we have to relax and take a break. Life is short and we all want to be happy. But it’s all up to us how to make our own happiness and satisfaction. Just be sure that we don’t miss those little good things and simple pleasures in life.