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The Long Road to Writing the Demon Hunter Series

It starts as any author knows with the spark of an idea that, if we're lucky, flourishes into a full blown novel. I had the idea for Demon Hunter about 4 years ago. It grabbed me by the throat and demanded to be born. The first in the series The Chosen One took me about a year to write and edit. It turned out to be some of my best work and one that I will forever be proud of. To skip ahead it found a home with a small press that only distributed ebooks. After some modest success and great reviews I followed up with part 2 Seek and Destroy. Again, I was welcome with favorable reviews. But before I could release the third and final installment the company I was with crashed and burned.
I was left with a choice. Resubmit and find a new home for it or self publish.
I chose self publishing because I wanted Demon Hunter to finally be represented the way I had always envisioned it to be...and that is in full blown print. The ebook version remains as well, only now the entire SAGA is complete.
The Chosen One and Seek and Destroy were joined by Heroes Call to fully round out the novel. What you have now for your reading pleasure is an epic adventure fantasy novel. Over 500 sword-swigning, dragon fighting, vampire battling pages.
Exploring the classic theme of good versus evil, Demon Hunter blends the highly popular elements of dark fantasy with the proven concept of high-adventure novels where believable, down-to-earth characters take the reader on a journey. It is the story about a nobody who becomes a somebody in the bloodiest of ways.

This is without a doubt the darkest idea I've delved into in all my years of writing. But at its core Demon Hunter is a story about human frailties. Costa, our hero, is plagued not only by physical demons, but mental ones as well. We've all had those little voices in our head trying to sway us from our path. It is those demons not faced that are the true danger.

Every legend begins with a story. Every great story starts with a hero.

For my writer friends, if you are thinking about self publishing but are not sure about it let me tell you my experience. I self pubbed my first novel The Crescent back when self publishing wasn't cool. What I got out of it was alot of really strong reviews and praise for my writing. It was enough to light my fire and keep my going.
Now, things are different. Now self publishing is becoming THE way for authors to get their stuff out there in front of readers past the gatekeepers who wouldn't know what the people like to read anymore than they know what they want to watch on TV or in movies. Big business shouldn't decide what is worthy...readers should!

The process of self publishing has become simpler than ever! There some very worthy companies out there who walk you through it step by step whether it is an ebook or print novel. Amazon, LuLu, even Penguin Publishing is making a self pub division. They have covers, formatting help, everything you could ever need.

And if you need a little extra help along the way well I just happen to know a company who specializes in such things at www.OriginalCynAdvertising.com

I hope you will pick up a copy of DEMON HUNTER: SAGA either in print or Kindle. If you do please leave a reader review...not because I'm trolling for ratings but I love hearing feedback from readers because quite frankly those are the people I write for.

Thank you in advance and Live Your Dreams!