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A family at war with itself
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I read "Two Murders Reaped" in one day; I couldn't put it down. In this final book of Cynthia Haggard's "Thwarted Queen" series, the power struggle that has engaged Cecylee from the beginning intensifies, and the duchess finds herself in a situation that seems to call for cruelty not at all appropriate for a devout Christian. How does Cecylee reconcile with her Christian faith the actions that she feels compelled to take?

The novel takes us inside the emotions and motivations of Cecylee and her children, as the competition between the members of her family becomes mortally dangerous. Here as in the earlier volumes of this novel, the author's powers of description make this a vivid and compelling story.

When I finished this book, I wrote a more comprehensive customer review of the entire series, which I've posted as an Amazon review of "Thwarted Queen."