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Burning Questions

A few years ago I took a hiking trip through the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Breathtaking, as you can imagine. Dotted all over the slopes were lazy cows, relaxing in the sun and no doubt thinking to themselves, "Oy, tourist season..."

Which got me to thinking. Did those cows ever get bored? Where's the mental stimulation? When I posed the question to our guide, he just laughed and asked if I had been one of those kids who always comes up with impossible questions.

Turns out I was one of those kids. Now I'm one of those adults. So here are a few burning questions I've pondered over the years. If anyone has any genuine answers (with evidentiary support), please weigh in!

  • Who invented ballet?
  • How do we know what dinosaurs looked like?
  • Why does your nose run outdoors in the cold?
  • Why do we clap to praise performance?
  • Why do we cry from emotion?
  • Why are spiders and snakes so fearsome to people?
  • Why do women have two breasts when most births are single?

Got any burning questions of your own? Let me know, and I'll include them in the next round.