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Google Maps in Teen Scene





By Alex Pawlakos


App: Google Maps by Google Inc.

For:  All smartphones

Price:   Free

The Google Maps app was available for all smartphone users until a few months ago when Apple decided to drop it in favor of its own mapping app. IPhone owners were not at all pleased, so Apple went back to including Google Maps in January 2013. In the first 48 hours after it was again available, it was downloaded more than 10 million times by iPhone users! This is not surprising, considering how many useful features are found on Google Maps. For starters, most users especially like the voice-guided navigation.  Simply type in where you want to go and the app will map out a driving route. It will then talk you through each and every turn until you reach your destination. This voice-guided navigation can also be used for walking directions, or traveling by bus, subway, or train.  Google Maps also gives you the ability to do a local search to find businesses, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, sightseeing venues, and shops.  The address is supplied, as well as directions for getting to your destination. You can access Zagat scores for reliable ratings on all the places found by the search, as well as reviews by other Google Maps users. And, of course, Google Maps displays incredibly accurate maps that are easy to use, including satellite view and street view.  This app is absolutely a must-have app for your smartphone.


Alex Pawlakos is the Economic Reporter on the #1 global teen radio show, Express Yourself!™ brought to the airwaves by Be the Star You Are!® charity.


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