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True Story of Sexual, Drug Abuse, Kids Snoring, Drama Trauma
Imagine Me!by Carolyn Sherman Collins


The remarkable true story of the transformation of Carolyn Sherman-Collins who triumphed over years of sexual abuse and almost thirty years of drug addiction, the book, Imagine Me!,  is proof that the road that looks like a dead-end can turn the corner to new life. As Carolyn says, "I'm in a place and a space in my life where some folks thought I'd never be. Not even me. Imagine me!"


Everyone snore, even children, but if kids snore loudly and often, doctors say this could indicate other problems. In Health Matters, Heather Brittany brings us the latest research and gives tips on how to monitor your children’s sleep.


Drama is when we over react to any situation. The teenage years are filled with traumatic events for adolescents, both real and imagined.  How can we be time travelers to help our teens deal with the stresses of their teen years? Find some easy and proven tips on today’s episode of Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!®



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