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The Darkness Drops Series Begins on Starstyle®
The Darkness Drops by Peter Clement


A Four week series with best selling author, Peter Clement begins with today's Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!® radio show with his reality based yet fictional novel, The Darkness Drops. 


In the brutal reality of a bioterror attack, even if all the medical personnel, vaccines, and medication could be deployed without a hitch, millions will die. Peter Clement is a physician who served as Chief of Emergency in a major metropolitan teaching hospital. He has written several medical thriller books including Lethal Practice, Death Rounds, The Procedure, Mutant, Critical Condition, Mortal Remains, and The Inquisitor. His latest novel, The Darkness Drops, introduces Dr. Terry Ryder, Chief Advisor to the White House for Bioterror Preparedness. The Darkness Drops will shake you to your soul. 


Is there an over the counter cure-all for almost everything? From keeping chickens healthy, de-worming dogs to lowering glucose levels in humans, apple cider vinegar may be the world’s best cure. Heather Brittany brings us many ways to utilize this wonder cure in Health Matters.


When you hit the road, don’t let the crooks hit you. Reduce your risk of robbery and identity theft with anti-hacking packing tips. Cynthia Brian gives you nine ways to stay safe when traveling this summer or any time.


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