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BE THE STAR YOU ARE®! is a 501 c3 charity dedicated to empowering women, families, and youth through improved literacy and increased positive media.  BE THE STAR YOU ARE®! has no religious or political agendas or affiliations.




“Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone or do what you’ve never done. To be the star you are you must be what you’ve never been to have what you’ve never had.” Cynthia Brian



Message from our Founder, Cynthia Brian

Author Spotlight on Betty Collier




Sitting on southwest on my way back from walking the red carpet in Los Angeles for the world movie premiere of the inspirational documentary, Tapping the Source (more about this later), I picked up a copy of Spirit magazine.   Gary Kelly, President, and CEO of Southwest had penned an article about counting our blessings and giving back.  “The traditional holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving, a holiday based on appreciating our good fortunes. Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather together and reflect on their blessings and on those less fortunate.”  Perfect, to the point, and poignant.


I want to thank all of our amazing volunteers, both teen and adult, who have given so much of their time and expertise to Be the Star You Are! throughout 2010. The volunteers are the backbone of any not-for-profit, and we have stellar people. Our gratitude to our sponsors, radio guests, donors, and supporters for believing in our work by reaching into your pocketbooks.  Without your financial investment to improve literacy and spread positive words, Be the Star You Are! could not exist.


As my special holiday THANK YOU gift to you, I will personally send you an autographed copy of my “heart” book, Be the Star You Are!®, 99 Gifts for Living, Loving, Laughing, and Learning to Make a Difference  for FREE when you make a donation to the charity of $100 or more. You’ll get a tax receipt, help our programs and enjoy an inspirational gift to share. Email me directly and we’ll make this happen. Cynthia@Star-Style.com.


We wish you all a happy, healthy, and homey Thanksgiving filled with love and laughter. May you all reap the blessings that you have shared with others.

Happy November, Happy Thanksgiving.


Cynthia Brian




Betty Collier, Author, Living Inside the Testimony  



Your life is never going to be the same after reading this incredible journey of faith. You will discover the inspiration that lies within all of us and that there is a master plan for your life also. This inspirational story combines faith, hope, humor, and love. You will discover that you too live inside a testimony meant to be shared with others. Listen to an interview on Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! radio with Betty at http://www.starstyleradio.com/RADIO_SHOWS/Radio_Shows/Entries/2010/10/28_Legacy_Journals%2C_Living_Inside_the_Testimony%2C_Medical_Billing_Fraud.html



In his book, The Master Key System, Charles Haanel wrote “the source of all life and all power is found within. The more we give, the more we shall get.”  We have an innate need to be of service and do good. Money matters. It is a necessity for a non profit just as it is for any business, family, or entity. Donations have been slow in the past few years due to the economy, yet making a tax deductible donation is good for your soul as well as your tax return. Charity Navigator, a watchdog in the non profit world, is often asked how much should be given to charity annually. We reprint their succinct answer from their November 2010 newsletter here:

“Many people commit a percentage of their annual income to their philanthropic endeavors, such as 2% or 10%. But there really is no magic number or percentage that everyone should follow. The important thing is to be thoughtful and to plan for your charitable gifts. If you haven’t already set a budget for your household’s annual giving, then now is the time to do it. The December 31st deadline for making contributions that qualify for a deduction on your income taxes is quickly approaching.”


Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Be the Star You Are! now. We are small, efficient, and busily working to improve lives. Thank you for your donations.




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Be the Star You Are!® 2010 SEVENTH Annual NATIONAL Essay Contest



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Be the Star You Are!®  501 c3 charity announces its 6th annual essay contest to promote literacy and positive messages. www.bethestaryouare.org.

FEE  $10 donation per entry

DATES: October 18, 2010-January 18, 2011

FIRST Prize - $100 plus guest appearance on the nationally syndicated radio program, Be the Star You Are!® (Total value, $700)  www.bethestaryouareradio.com Additionally, your story will be published in our Star Searcher Express newsletter and at www.bethestaryouare.org. In the event of a tie, winners share cash prize and both receive publication and radio interviews.  Winners will also receive an autographed copy of Be the Star You Are!®

Runner-ups –Published in our StarSearcher’s Express newsletter and noted on web site.



“How do we create more happiness and abundance in our lives through service to others?”


All submissions must be received by Be the Star You Are!® by midnight January 18, 2011. Essays accepted by email being only.

You may enter as many essays as you'd like, however each one must be emailed separately accompanied by a $10 tax deductible donation entry fee. You may make the donation by check or credit card. Donation can be via PAYPAL

All entry fee donations are tax deductible according to the law.

·       Any statistics must be documented with researched sources.

·       Word Count: Please keep stories between 300-600 words. Please TITLE each entry.

·       Email address: – cynthia@bethestaryouare.org (attachments in a WORD document, please)

·       Send donations via US mail – Be the Star You Are® charity, PO Box 376, Moraga, Ca. USA 94556

·       All submissions must be original, and the sole property of the author.  Author retains all rights to submission. Winners and runners-up entries will be published on Be the Star You Are!® web site effective February 9, 2011. Winners notified by that date. Winners will be listed in the newsletter and on the web site. No additional mailings will be considered. Payment accepted by check, VISA, MasterCard, or PAYPAL. Payment must be done at the same time of submission. If sending multiple entries, you may send one check with noted essay titles. All entries without donation are disqualified.


Please supply:

    * Author's name

    * Mailing address

    * Email address

    * Phone number

    * Word count

    * 30 Word BIO

Visit www.bethestaryouare.org under WRITE for more information or email info@bethestaryouare.org




Terry Doherty, founder of the The Reading Tub, was interviewed about her work with children's books. Be the Star You Are!® has been a long time partner with the Reading Tub in providing book reviews from our STAR TEEN BOOK REVIEWERS. It has been a supportive relationship that benefits teachers, families, librarians, and the kids themselves. Read all about it: http://www.childrensbooksandreviews.com/children-reading-and-literacy-interview-with-terry-doherty-of-the-reading-tub/"


SHINE, the webisode

Our video director, Robert Mohr has been busy shooting and editing material for our newest webisode, Shine. Be on the look out for upcoming You Tube videos that are inspiring, life enhancing, fun, and practical. Thank you Robert!



On November 12 in Los Angeles, California our Founder and Executive Director was privileged to walk the Red Carpet at the world movie premiere of documentary Tapping the Source where a sold out audience of 1200 filled the Agape Theatre. Over one hundred renowned scientists, actors, authors, athletes, spiritual leaders, philanthropists, and healers from around the globe revealed the source of happiness and abundance. Produced by Bill Gladstone, Richard Greninger, and Gayle Newhouse, Tapping the Source was filmed around the world  showcasing the wisdom of Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dannion Brinkley, Monique Coleman, Cathy Lee Crosby, Barbara DeAngelis, Tanya Roberts, Neale Donald Walsch, Mariel Hemingway, Jean Houston, Barbara Maxx Hubbard, Cynthia Brian, and more. Cynthia Brian has been a pioneer in the personal growth and achievement movement for two decades. She believes that abundance and happiness are our birthrights and that we all have the ability to live lives of meaning. "I am honored to be profiled in this illustrious film which offers the secret to success and fulfillment. My entire life has been dedicated to helping others achieve their dreams and reach their goals. Everything is possible. Tapping the Source is another method to reach an audience in need of positive messages." Some say Tapping the Source is a movie, others call it a movement. Tapping the Source will shift your consciousness providing a journey of awareness and joy.

View photos:http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=571363&id=558000327&l=2c0d858474

Buy DVD:http://www.tappingthesourcemovie.com/


Starstyle-Be the Star You Are!® radio program continues to grow and glow.  Listen live every Thursday from 3-4pm PT/6-7pm ET on World Talk Radio/Voice America at  http://www.voiceamerica.com/worldtalkradio/vshow.aspx?sid=764

For photos, descriptions, links, and more information, visit the archives at http://www.BethestaryouareRadio.com. Here you can search for shows by date and name under Radio, meet our Distinguished Guests, read the Praise, find out about upcoming events, and even watch videos.


For guest guidelines, contact our Guest Coordinator, Angela Siekman at radio@bethestaryouareRadio.com.


“Thank you soooooooooooooo much for such a great interview. You made it very easy, and it did feel like we were simply having a phone conversation between friends.  You are unique and your show is awesome. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be part of it, and I am very thankful that you selected me to be on the show. It certainly helped that you had read the book!!! (I've done interviews before where the host had not read it)  I could not have asked for a more professional and enthusiastic interview. YOU ARE QUITE CHARMING, and I see why your show gets such rave reviews!!!  You are indeed the best!!!” Betty Collier, Author, Living Inside the Testimony


“Thank you for today's fun, positive, interview. You did, indeed, promote the books well.” Wendy Soria, Author, Legacy Prompt Journals


“I wanted to publicly thank you for helping my book, The Twelve, become an international best seller. Starstyle-Be the Star You Are! radio show was one of my first interviews and you launched my book. I am very grateful.” Bill Gladstone, Author, Tapping the Source and The Twelve


“Cynthia, thank you for a lovely interview. You are a GREAT interviewer.”  Barbara Taylor Bradford, #1 NY Times and international best selling author of 26 books




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