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Teens Starting a Business
Hart Main, founder of Man Cans


Express Yourself Teens Talk about Starting a Business

 with the Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Team

Produced by Cynthia Brian

Are you ever too young to be an entrepreneur?   Not according to our co-hosts Younghoo Ahn and Katelyn Darrow and their special teen guest, Hart Main.


Katelyn explains how she founded The Angels Clothing Closet charity at age 12 and it’s going stronger than ever. Hart Main, currently age 16 began his successful company, Man Cans at age 13, making candles that have scents that are interesting to men. All of the candles are made inside a recycled soup can; the can is first purchased by the business and donated to soup kitchens and homeless shelters across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and into West Virginia. Since the beginning of the business Hart has been able to donate 65,000 cans of soup, expand his product line of scents, hire three part time employees besides himself, and expand his sales from online to 130 stores, catalogs, fundraisers and corporate marketing merchandise. He’s been on several TV shows and the subject of much media publicity, including receiving a commendation letter from Mrs. Obama.  After college, Hart wants to become a sports agent as he has been an avid sports fan since childhood.

An inspiring program to help anyone of any age understand that dreams can become reality with enough hard work and chutzpah. Be an entrepreneur!

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