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Power of Change, Rekindling Friendships, Optimism
Nola Hennesy revisits Starstyle®


The effervescent super star Australian author gone international peace globe trotter, Nola Hennessey ignites the New Year with news of more awards, festivals, distribution, and strategic intent to secure business in the US market. Her two books, No Boxing Allowed and From PMS to PMA have won seven awards in various categories. Nola brings her high integrity to the airwaves to discuss the importance of women’s issues, anti-violence, government and business risk consulting, and education and training.  With her company Serenidad Consulting, Nola leads a team of open hearts to the doors of business for the advancement of all through positive change.  http://serenidadconsulting.com/


Do you have friendships that are in need of rekindling? In Health Matters, Heather gets you back on the friendship tract. 



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