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Keeping Secrets
Sierra Ackerman Channels Lily


with the Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Team

Produced by Cynthia Brian


Is it right to keep secrets? Is it wrong to blab about something that was told in confidence? Privacy is critical to confidence and sometimes being too truthful can be hurtful. In today’s Express Yourself!™ our teen hosts, Courtney Cheng and Rachel Glass delve into the dark shadows of secret keeping. What’s Poppin’ Reporter, Caie Kelley shares a few not so secret secrets concerning celebrities, Rachel talks about the importance of trust, integrity. and being able to not be a blabbermouth, and Courtney reviews a magical book, Dragon Drop that deals with keeping important secrets and being a true friend. A special guest joins the teens, fourteen-year-old Sierra Ackerman, daughter of the late Jerry Ackerman, author of the young adult novel, Dragon Drop. Jerry wrote the character of Lily based on his daughter and today Sierra channels Lily, inhabiting the life of the heroine of the book as she invites a dragon named Py into her home.

Listen at Voice America Kids Network:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/72180/keeping-secrets

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