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Grand Finale Broadcast with Peter Clement, The Darkness Drops & Wedding Etiquette
Dr. Peter Clement, Author of The Darkness Drops


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Recent New York Times headlines have screamed “Despite safety issues, work on deadly flu to be released” or “Amateurs are new fear in creating mutant virus!” Are the dire scenarios in Peter Clement’s medical thriller, The Darkness Drops, possible? Could the events portrayed in the novel actually come true? Join Cynthia Brian as she interviews Dr. Peter Clement for the final segment of the series behind the scenes of the creation of The Darkness Drops. Was SARS a bio virus? Find out the truth, the fiction, and what our medical experts in bio science are doing to protect the world from doomsday.


June is the most popular month for weddings. If you are getting married, do you know the etiquette expected? How do you tell your friends that kids aren’t invited? What do you do if you over book? Who pays for what? Heather Brittany and Cynthia Brian provide the inside scoop on saying “I do!” 


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