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FootBall Fun and Fantasy on Express Yourself!™
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Although our hosts Chan Dara Paschal and Steven Zhou do not know anything about football, America has a love affair with the sport. Today we showcase two football stars-one a high school senior whose underdog team went all the way to the state championships and a professional football player who played for the Dallas Cowboys, San Francisco 49’ers, and the Washington Red Skins.

Both advocate dedication, hard work, putting in the time, showing up, and getting the good grades to be successful.


Being on powder puff football team and being head cheerleader for four years in high school, Cynthia Brian, shares her experience with the sport was and also her first meeting with the pros when she was on The Dating Game.


Born in New York and living in Moraga since the age of four, Mason Windatt is a junior at Campolindo High School. He has been active in sports since childhood and was a star on his Cougar team this year as they won the NCS division 3 title and was the runner up in the division 3 State Championship. A highlight of his football career to date was the big game at the Oakland Coliseum. Read about the big game.


Professional football athlete, Demetric Evans, shares his success secrets to getting recruited by the Dallas Cowboys, 49’ers, and Redskins. He grew up in a small town in the south where football was a method to be violent without getting arrested. With discipline and practice his dreams of a pro life with millions of dollars followed. Today he is a stay-at-home dad, married to a beautiful woman who is an OB/GYN with a 10 month old baby and works as a sportcaster for ESPN.


Field reporter, Vivien Lee, has us laughing on the sidelines with her Say What! Segment filled with funny football trivia. Do you know how many pigs it takes to make a pigskin? Tune in and play in our game today on football fantasies and fun.


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