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Express yourself!™ Tackles Abuse in Teen TRelationships
Caie Kelley, new reporter on Express Yourself!™ Teen Radio


sted by Youngjoo Ahn and Rachel Glass, today’s show on the impact of violence in teen relationships is the second in our series of Tough Talks. Our hosts audition two new reporters, Katelyn Eystad from New Jersey will report on ways to be a great volunteer with The Gift of Giving and Caie Kelley from California shares music and pop culture with What’s Poppin’?

Teenage Relationship Violence impacts millions of youth all over our world.  With the three types of abuse (emotional, verbal, and sexual), one in five girls will experience teenage relationship violence.  Research shows 80% of those girls remain in those abusive relationships, thus, awareness and community education are critically important. Boys are affected as well. 


Itza Perez is 18 years old, just graduated from Hoover High School and is enrolled in San Diego State University.   Her passion toward social justice and human rights is driven by her experiences and community outreach.  Itza has been a Youth Voice member for several years and was the Founder and President of Hoover Dreamers at her high school.  


Her role in Youth Voice has been as one of the strongest public speakers before decision making bodies, summits, and youth conferences.   Sharing her original poetry, she has been part of Youth Voice Ensemble and impacted audiences with her passionate resolve to create a better world. She was interviewed on the news.


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