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British Music Sensations-Hip Hop, Poetry, and Ballads
Joeleen's new album


The Brits are back!  Steven Zhou interviews British teen living in Italy, Joeleen, with her new CD, Welcome to My World and talks with London/Lagos raised poetry/hip hop star, Karl Nova. Reporters Jacqueline Tao and Eric Pawlakos chime in with Campus Calling and The App Rap. 


Watch Joeleen: http://joeleenworld.com/Home.html. Watch Karl Nova: http://www.youtube.com/KarlNova


JOELEEN, was born in the east end of London, and spent most of her teenage years in Swansea (Wales). She moved to ITALY and worked as a singer, songwriter for various Recording Studios and Record Companies such as: DB One music, Disco Più, and Five Records.


Having fallen in love with poetry and Hip Hop at a young age, Karl Nova delivers poetic lines in his unique, witty and energetic style. Born and raised in London and Lagos, whether it is in rap format or spoken word poetry Karl Nova seeks to give voice to the search for meaning.


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