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Book Review by Cynthia Briaof Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements by Scott Goodso
Uprising By Scott Goodson



Purpose Plus Passion Plus Provocation Equals Movement


If you wanted to launch a movement, how would you start? Who would you turn to and where would you go?  Having interviewed the guru of cultural movement marketing on my radio program, I’ll share the simplest short cut to success with you.  Buy the innovative, revolutionary book, Uprising, by author Scott Goodson, Founder and CEO of the global movement-marketing agency, StrawberryFrog to jumpstart your brand building. 


In Uprising, Scott supplies ample examples with first hand knowledge of how individuals and companies can change the world for the better and make a difference by uniting like minds to common causes.  Uprising shows us how the days of hard sell commercials and Madison Avenue slick advertisements have shifted to creating purpose based internal cultures that align with outside community concerns.  When conversations are ignited around a powerful idea, outspoken advocates are recruited to amplify the mass communications. Between word-of-mouth interactions, social media, technology, and product placement, sustainable, passionate movements are born inspiring others to get on board and make things happen. Think Occupy.


Scott knows what he writes about. His company, StrawberryFrog, was the world’s first cultural movement agency, with operations globally.  He and his team shepherded the brand building of SmartCar, Pampers, Jim Beam, India’s Mahindra Group, and many others through movement marketing. 


As Scott writes in Uprising, “you don’t have to overthrow a government to be part of a movement” but you do need to believe in the evolution of revolution. Uprising’s movements don’t have identifiable leaders, but they do have physical world presence, not just avatars. A compelling idea rooted in passion sparks a raging fire that can be unpredictable yet transform a community, company, country, or a world.


Without exploitation, the cultural movements that leaders, educators, politicians, business people, and the general public launch around a cause have the potential for bringing us closer together as a population with peace, harmony, purpose, and yes, maybe even profit as the bountiful side effects.


For anyone who wants to make a positive difference, modify purchasing habits, and move others to take action around a brand, Scott Goodson’s book, Uprising is the essential secret key to unlocking the treasure chest of movement marketing. Buy Uprising today and launch your movement tomorrow.



Cynthia Brian, New York Times best selling author, TV/Radio personality/ Founder, Be the Star You Are!® charity, www.CynthiaBrian.com



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