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Better to Be Broken, Chronic Inflammation, Vase Life
Better to Be Broken by Rick Huntress


Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany showcase an hour of power on StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® with featured guest, Rick Huntress.


Rick Huntress had everything—and he had nothing. He was a self-centered man living a selfish life, until one fateful day when his whole world changed. A horrific accident left Rick in a wheelchair. But this tragic moment became a blessing. God touched Rick’s heart, opening a door of ministry for those with broken spirits in need of healing. His inspirational book is Better to Be Broken. 

Are you in pain all the time? Do you know what’s ailing you? You could be suffering from chonic inflammation. Health specialist , Heather Brittany, brings you a remedy in Health Matters.

It’s spring and the flowers in our garden make fabulous cut bouquets. Goddess Gardener Cynthia Brian recommends ways to prolong the life of your homegrown floral masterpieces. 

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