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Waltzing Australia
Published by Apex Reviews
Waltzing Australia takes the reader on a journey through the heart and soul of the country & continent affectionately known as “Down Under.” Guided by Clampitt’s masterful...
Waltzing Australia
Published by Review the Book
Cynthia Clampitt’s Waltzing Australia is a very enjoyable and enlightening read....Her writing is superb and the reader is drawn into every detail of her adventure. Reading it was...
Waltzing Australia
Published by Review the Book
Cynthia Clampitt had a secure job with a steady paycheck and decided to leave it all behind to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She packed up her stuff and headed to...
Waltzing Australia
Published by BookPleasures
Waltzing Australia is a splendid travelogue that delivers in spades and anyone contemplating a trip to “Down Under,” or even armchair travelers, would be more than satisfied with...
Waltzing Australia
Published by The Compulsive Reader
Clampitt's warm, evocative and open-hearted writing soon won me over. She has a particular gift for describing the natural world and her accounts of rainforests, deserts,...
Waltzing Australia
Published by Paula's Book Talk
Clampitt spent six months in the cities, small towns, and wild places of Australia. Her journey covered some 20,000 miles. And, happily for us, she recorded it all in the journal...