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Arlington Heights, IL
May 2009

Fresh out of college, I headed for corporate America. However, though I enjoyed considerable success, after ten years, it was clear that this was not where I belonged. I wanted to write—and I wanted to get away, to shake free of the corporate mindset and to test my limits. Australia was a lifelong interest, and it seemed to be the best, and farthest, place to start over. After six-months and nearly 20,000 miles of joy and adventure, I returned home to build a new career around my passions of writing, history, travel, and food. Today, I am a successful freelance writer, educator, culinary historian, and world traveler (37 countries on six continents, and counting). I loves sharing both knowledge and adventures with others—and I especially love letting people know that dreams can come true if you’re willing to pay the price.

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World history, culinary history, travel, culture, reading, cooking