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FEATURED READING at The Poetry Hoot, a Poet Laureate Project of Portsmouth New Hampshire,
03 Mar 2010 7:00 pm
03 Mar 2010 9:00 pm

The Poetry Hoot is a monthly poetry reading, Featured Poets are invited by Portsmouth's Poet Laureate, (Portsmouth's current Laureate is Mark DeCarteret - a wonderful and poet of tremendous range) I have been invited to be a featured reader and will be reading for approximately 45 minutes, the other invited author is S. Stephanie who is a remarkable poet and married to the current New Hampshire State Laureate Walter E. Butts, who I have had the honor of working with for the past 7 months. I will be reading Poems from LOST IN HINDSIGHT (Finishing Line Press 2008) and many new poems!

The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program is dedicated to building community through poetry by appointing and supporting an outstanding local poet as Poet Laureate for the city, sponsoring events that feature area poets and authors from outside the New Hampshire Seacoast, and encouraging a love of poetry among people of all ages. The Portsmouth Poet Laureate Program presents a variety of events throughout the year;
readings, celebrations, publications. These events are announced in the Portsmouth Herald and the WiRE Magazine.

(The Poetry Hoot) Café Espresso 738 Islington Street in the 800 Islington Plaza Portsmouth, NH
New Hampshire