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Saint Heretic
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A synopsis of my forthcoming novel:

A young boy sits alone one evening watching television. A news report airs the discovery of a murdered young woman. The TV cuts to a photograph of the boy’s father, already in custody. Police arrive at the door only moments later. There are others, they tell him. Your father told us. Twenty years later, the boy, now a man lives as Lyle Edison, an alias he assumed as a way of severing himself from the legacy of his father and escaping the scorn of being the son of a murderer.

Someone who claims to be an estranged relative is trying to reach Lyle, writing him letters as he battles with his own dementia: his failing memory and his belief that he is so far removed from the eyes of God that he is literally turning invisible.

Enter Icarus, an angel who comes crashing to earth. After examination by the medics, he’s remanded to a psychiatric hospital where he awaits his orders from God. Steadfast in his service to the divine, Icarus is nonetheless irritated by the constraints of his new human form. He eventually leaves the hospital and, as the only one capable of seeing the invisible man whom he dubs ‘Mr. Fade,’ it is up to Icarus to reunite the man with his nephew, Lyle, before he can resume his celestial form once more.