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Just a quick word about one of my recent brainchildren being taken to the big screen... or some kind of screen, at any rate. The good folks at Six Finger Films are doing a film adaptation of a chapter from my forthcoming novel: "This short film is just one chapter from a novel by Craig Clevenger, a...
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    A good friend turned fifty this weekend. If he was melancholy about hitting the half-century mark, he didn’t show it. All he wanted was some drinks with a few close friends and his wife, which is exactly what he got. On my twenty-fifth birthday, one of my cards said, “Happy Birthday....
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I'll be reading at the Sensitive Skin Magazine birthday tribute to John Coltrane. The full scoop is here: http://www.sensitiveskinmagazine.com/sensitive-skin-presents-a-tribute-t... And I've got a short in the new issue that just went live: http://www.sensitiveskinmagazine.com Spread the word. -...
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Peter Maravelis and I meet about once a month back in San Francisco. We exchange one or two brief messages to set a time and day; always the same location, known only to us. Nothing else is discussed until then. We could be swapping Christmas cards as easily as black briefcases, with nobody the...
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Back in November of 2009, City Lights hosted a celebration honoring the 50th anniversary of the publication of Naked Lunch, during which a mix of local authors, old friends and colleagues of the late William Burroughs gathered at San Francisco’s Make Out Room to read passages from his seminal Beat...
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One dog in particular stands out in my neighborhood. Longish white fur mottled with hazy black spots, she looks like an out-of-focus Dalmatian. Her bright blue eyes are visible from half a block away like twin pinpoints of television static. I see her on the sidewalk one night, standing perfectly...
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I’ve been meaning to append one of these travelogues with some tricks of the trade I’ve picked up over my years of travel, but the practicality of it came off as a real buzzkill after my other musings. So, this time around I’ll lay out my tips for hitting the road and resume my normal pontificating...
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The sky is backwards, the constellations upside down. I’ve been to the Southern Hemisphere before, spent several weeks in South Africa around ‘98-‘99, but I never looked at the stars. Standing outside alone at night in Johannesburg and staring up the sky is a bad idea. But when I look above...
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I step off the plane in La Paz fifteen hours after leaving SFO. My carry-on feels ten times heavier than when I brought it on board and I’m having a tough time breathing. Inside the airport there’s an oxygen station and I know the thin air isn’t my imagination. I’ve lived at sea-level my entire...
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I shook a man’s hand last Thursday night and that man was dead Friday morning. I’ll call him “T.” That I hardly knew T is an understatement. I met him for the first time at a hospital on Wednesday night and the second on Thursday. We never spoke but for my own “hello.” He was lucid but weak, and...
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Sriram Das’ Santa Monica-based Das Films and GreeneStreet Films have hired British film-maker Miguel Sapochnik to direct The Contortionist’s Handbook. Production is due to start in May next year. http://www.screendaily.com/festivals/afm/das-greenestreet-hire-miguel-sa...
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Once more. Again. Try it again, slower. Okay, now you're dropping out. Take your time. Ignore the punctuation. Pay attention to the punctuation. Relax. Make it more natural. Pick it up. A little more force. You're dropping out again. You're off mic. Slurring a bit. Take it from the second line....
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New excerpt from Saint Heretic on line over at the Cult, along with some other news. Word. -Craig
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Perhaps not the most pleasant intro to a post, but I thought it best to keep the signals as un-mixed as possible, as soon as possible. In brief, I've got to put Saint Heretic (and my writing in general) aside indefinitely, though I'm hoping to resume work by the end of this year.The back story:I...
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I've got a few chapters of my work-in-progress online; they'll be up for another week: Saint Heretic  
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