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Lessons in Leadership

Leadership is a gift, and those who possess it are both admirable and praiseworthy.  Great leaders encourage and protect.  They help their cause thrive and take chances that some people would never even consider because they have faith in themselves and what they are doing.

I've read many books and attended many seminars and classes that discussed leadership, but none of them were as fun and entertaining as Simon Silverback's The Leadership Secrets of Squirrels.

The witty advice in The Leadership Secrets of Squirrels, is amusing, but also right on point.  

One of my favorite quotes is "Although leaders may be conservative in their beliefs, they should not be conservative in their actions.  True leadership is the ability to act boldly in the presence of doubt."

While this quote stemmed from a squirrel's decision to cross a road, it clearly reflects the reality of true, positive leadership. Acting in doubt is never easy, but it is often the only path a great leader must take.

Another worthwhile quote is "If you are making progress toward a goal, you are probably doing the right thing, assuming your goal is worthwhile and attainable.  But never stop reviewing your goal, your plan to get there, and your environment."

I often reflect on this quote when I am having a "writing crisis," and by this I mean when I start over-analyzing the fact that I have spent hundreds of hours on a book that may never be published.  Of course, I would love every book that I write to be published, but that's not going to happen.  This quote reminds me to review my goals. I remember that I'm a writing because it is a part of me, a part of my soul and I enjoy it.  And though my goal is to have the books published one day, my foremost, "number one" goal is to enjoy my life, and writing brings me joy.  

If you have a chance, buy a copy of the e-book Leadership Secrets of Squirrels by Simon Silverback.  It is available where all e-books are sold and it is well worth the money, not only in entertainment, but in advice.




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