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Clover Doves: The Paranormal- The First Ghostly Visit
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Emma had only one good female role model during her childhood-her Grandmother. While Emma’s mother, Cassie, resented her birth and the responsibility of having a child, Emma found love and support in the arms and presence of her grandmother. Emma spent weeks with her every summer and loved the precious time they spent playing card games and visiting. What Emma loved most were her grandmother’s stories. True, she had heard some of the stories hundreds of times, but that didn’t matter to Emma. She loved being in her presence. The lines carved on her grandmother’s face-earned by years of love and laughter, pain and heartache, mapped a lifetime that Emma longed to explore. Grandma talked a lot about life-what it was like during the Great Depression and how one could persevere during the hardest of times and still come out with a joyous, thankful heart. Emma always admired her strength. Sometimes, her grandmother would pull Emma into her arms, enveloping her in her love as she laughed and shared her wisdom. Her grandma smelled of lavender perfume, a scent that Emma could recognize instantly-a scent that reminded her of the peace she felt with her grandmother.

When Grandma died, Emma was devastated, especially since her grandmother’s dying wish was not to have a funeral.  Not being raised with a religion or any type of spirituality, Emma couldn’t process her death. She didn’t understand death, and what happened once life leaves the body, but more than that, she had no way to say goodbye.

Shortly after her grandmother’s death, Emma received her grandmother’s jewelry box, a gift intended for Emma that had remained in her grandmother’s room until the very end. It smelled like her grandmother’s perfume.  Days passed, and whenever she’d miss her grandmother the most, she would open the box, run her fingers over the jewelry and take in her grandmother’s scent.  It filled her with comfort. 

Weeks later, the scent disappeared.

One night, desperately missing her Grandmother, Emma found herself crying. All of a sudden, a peace enveloped her and her entire room filled with the scent of her grandmother. She wondered if she was imagining things, but she couldn’t avoid it.  The smell was everywhere. She buried her head into her pillow, trying to get away from the smell but it was there too. Taking a deep breath, she sat up in the silent room and called out, “Grandma?”

She hesitated, feeling slightly silly, but then went on, “I love you and I miss you.”  The smell grew stronger, and then disappeared as fast as it came. Emma had no way to prove it, but she was sure her grandma had been there, saying goodbye, reaching out to her in the only way she could.

This was the first paranormal experience Emma had, but there were more to come. Eventually, she learned that experiences like these were common by watching a show called “Spirit Hunters.” 

Years later, at a time of desperate sadness, loneliness and need, another ghost made their first appearance in the very same way, but this time the ghost smelled masculine and reminded her of a love long passed. Two men came to mind, one she knew was dead, the other long missing. Who was it and why were they here?