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"Clover Doves" Is Now Available!
Clover Doves


For the past six years, I have been working on a novel called “Clover Doves,” a metaphysical/paranormal romance about the tumultuous life of Emma Stafford. It is now available in hard cover and paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and will soon be available as an e-book.


Balboa Press has published the book for me and I have been thrilled with their professionalism.  I decided to self-publish with them after many years of contemplating what to do with the novel. “Clover Doves” has always been an extremely important piece to me,  but after being diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation, I shelved it, thinking that it was simply a cathartic expression of what life had brought to me.  A year after the surgery, I dusted it off and started to re-read it and my love for it renewed. I decided to have it professionally edited, and a wonderful woman named Evaline Auerbach agreed to the project.  I’m thrilled with the result. 


“Clover Doves” has already touched many people’s lives.  I have been told that it made some people reconsider their spirituality, opening their eyes to different possibilities.  However,  the beautiful fact is that “Clover Doves” doesn’t negate religious beliefs, but shows an expansion of them that not only encompasses many belief systems, but gives hope and understanding to the reader.  


“Clover Doves” also makes the readers reflect on the relationships in their lives and the purpose of the tragedy and difficulties people have to face in their lives.  It’s an emotional read but one that haunts the reader and makes them think.  


Here is a brief description of the story:


Emma thought Eric was her soul mate. The power between them was undeniable-they could sense each other's presence and feel each other's emotions even when they were miles apart. Yet, from the very beginning, something in the pit of Emma's soul told her they weren't meant to be together. A vicious attack at a local park leaves Emma near death and changes her life forever. The emotional turmoil sends both Emma and Eric into a downward spiral that tears their lives apart. At a time when their love is the strongest, they separate for good, with the undying hope that their love will bring them back to each other-but life has different plans. After years of healing and longing for Eric, Emma gives up on their love when she meets Jared, a gorgeous student at her community college. The love she and Jared share blossoms quickly and remains strong until Emma's father confesses to a horrible secret when he suddenly collapses from a heart attack in Emma's arms. Will Emma's past come back to haunt her? Will she learn to confide in Jared while clinging to the memory of Eric? Can a person be lucky enough to find true love twice in a lifetime? And when all is said and done, who will be there for Emma in her greatest time of need?


I’m very excited about its release and hope you have a chance to read it!