where the writers are
If I was her
If I had her life

In my reflection, I dare not to see

the woman that weakens

and stares back at me

Instead, past my shoulder

you play with your hair

Behind me

yet I can't imagine you there

Your strength is a virtue

Your face is divine

I can't help but wish

all these prizes were mine

Your heart is an ocean

where others can swim

You don't let them break you

or alter for him

Your pain doesn't crush you

or keep you away

You do what you please

and you mean what you say

I shrink from the mirror

that somehow divides

the woman you are

and the person that hides

My legs start to stumble

but just as I fall

you lift me as if

there is no weight at all

I turn and envision

a clever disguise

For how can it be

that you carry my eyes

You smile and you lead me

to where you have been

the journeys you've traveled

they come rushing in

I see our mistakes

and the anguish we've felt

I see all the love

and the cards we have dealt

I walk to the mirror

where all it began

I realize, suddenly

just who I am

I've pictured the person

I wanted to be

I longed to be you

and all along, you were ME