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Optimism in the book industry?
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I was really up in the air when I read this news item. I was flying home from Vancouver to Los Angeles. And bang! I couldn't believe it. A major publisher was actually launching a new imprint called Hamish Hamilton Canada -- and quoting favorable futuristic percentages. The new imprint is kind of classy, very high end, focused on writers with ambition. ("A New Breed of Penguin," National Post, March 7, WP11, www.nationalpost.com.) Well, I know lots of writers with ambition, but only nine books will be chosen for the first run, and they will be LITERARY, as opposed to the more commercial sister line put out by Penguin. Apparently, where there's literature, there's hope. Why not? The original Hamish Hamilton imprint was established in 1931, after the 1929 stock market. And so it seems entirely appropriate for this brand to be revitalized in time for the new depression. The new publishing enterprise will be headed by literary publishing star Nicole Winstanley. Lots of lady luck!