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One little, two little, three little ...
A multigenerational family's take on the emotional and ethical issues underlying assisted reproduction technology. Finalist, Indie Next Generation 2009 Book Awards.

Guess what? Are you sitting down? With all the excitement about my recent accolades, I forgot to mention the most important news of all. My book, "Cryo Kid -- Drawing a New Map" (www.cryokid.com) is written in part about the discovery of eight half-siblings (scattered across the U.S.) for my grandchild, who was conceived with the help of an anonymous sperm donor. Now it turns out that there are two more, a boy about the same age as my granddaughter, Samantha, and the second, a little girl, who is somewhat younger. They were born to a lesbian couple, with each mother giving birth to one of the children. My daughter, a single mom, has been in contact with the mothers, who only recently registered on the donor sibling registry (www.donorsiblingregistry.com) and have expressed interest in meeting us later this year. They live in San Francisco, which is much closer to L.A., where we live, than any of the other siblings. At present, my daughter, grandchild, and I feel complete with our own closeknit extended family that includes cousins close to Samantha's age, but I think that when Samee is a teenager concerned with identity issues, she will be glad to have a group of half-siblings -- some of whom she has already met -- who share another parent with her. As her mother's only child, to have ten of them is very special indeed.