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Freedom...and then some!
It's so good to get back to my bloggery. For the last three months, I've been immersed in editing a client's book. Whether I'm editing/rewriting someone else's or writing my own, I soon find myself thinking about that book all the time -- taking a walk, in the middle of the night, while drinking my coffee, and, of course, at the computer (it makes it hard to bill on an hourly basis!). So I haven't had much thinking time for my blog. But now the book is finished! Freedom!!! I can call my friends, go for a walk, to a lecture, to the theatre, take a long bath. And get back to my online observations. Hello out there, cyberspace! What has drawn my attention over the past few days is the publicity (Larry King Live, www.cnn.com/larryking,  and other prominent programs) focused on the trans-sexual "father" who now (after extensive hormone treatments that, among other things, converted his clitoris into a penis) is legally a male legally married to a female. This is not to be confused with a homosexual coupling. Since his female reproductive organs remained in place, he was able to conceive via a sperm donation syringed into place by his wife (they learned how to do it on the Internet) and give birth to Susan, an adorable baby. Now he is pregnant again. So live and let live. What's the problem? The catch is that he wants the birth certificate, which currently lists him as mother and his wife as father,  to show that the reverse. He considers himself the father and his wife the mother. To say the situation is complicated is an understatement. But it seems to me, it needn't be. In this day and age of two mommies and two daddies and single mothers with sperm donor fathers, as well as the traditional one mom and one dad, why can't birth certificates simply read "parents" ? And then both parties, if there are two, can sign. That's why my book, Cryo Kid - Drawing a New Map (www.cryokid.com) -- you haven't heard me mention that for a while -- discusses transformational families at length. I've got to admit, though, my book didn't anticipate anything quite this transformational. Still if a father seahorse can have a baby and a whale can do it on his/her own (so I'm told, am I right?), why can't a trans-sexual male who was once a female conceive and give birth to a baby and still be the father? And this is only the 21st century. Wish I could be here for the 22nd, don't you?