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Los Angeles
Married Albert Spiegel in 1958; divorced in 1984.
Apr 2008

Born in Montreal, Canada, and now living in Los Angeles near her children and grandchildren, Corinne Heather Copnick, C.M., M.A., is a multi-talented writer and performer. Her career in the arts has spanned radio, television, film, and stage. For several years her popular art gallery, Galerie La Magie de l'Art, was the scene of numerous exhibitions and cultural events, including poetry readings, concerts, and lectures, and she organized important exhibitions at the Ontario Science Centre and Musée de Quebec, as well as bringing Jewish Art Treasures from Yugoslavia to Toronto.

A recipient of various grants and awards, Corinne served as resident writer at the Leighton Artist Colony, Banff Center for the Arts, Alberta. She also designed a role-playing simulation on Canadian unity called Future Directions. The Canadian Commemorative Medal (1992) recognized her substantial contribution to Canada. In 1998, the National Council of Jewish Women (Montreal Section) honored her as a woman of distinction. Her more extensive biography can be found in the Canadian Who's Who (2004 edition).

Her literary works include Altar Pieces, screened nationally many times on Canadian TV, Embrace, bilingual (English/French) love poems, and the humorous How To Live Alone Until You Like It...And Then You Are Ready for Somebody Else. An acclaimed play that she wrote for drug education purposes, Metamorphose, was featured at Montreal's Man and His World. Her play, In the Quiet of a Saturday Night, was presented for National Canada Book Week in Toronto. For several years, Corinne was Entertainment Editor of Jewish Life and wrote a regular column on the arts ("Arts in Collage") for The Jewish Tribune.

She is currently working on Middle of the Air, a screenplay; Cindy's Daddy, a companion book to Cryro Kid for children aged four to eight; and a new collection of stories, Tales of Laughter and Inspiration. In addition, she is the founder of Timesolvers Writing and Editing Services (www.timesolvers.com).

Corinne received both her Bachelor (honors English) and Master (English: developmental drama) of Arts degrees from McGill University. She earned a Ph.D. in adaptability, which has taken her seventy-two years to complete.

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Theatre, film, and art are my main cultural interests. Wide-ranging readingand Internet interests. Enjoy attending lectures on topical issues and learning in general. Lots of happy time with children, grandchildren, and friends. Keep fit with aquafit and walking. Travel whenever I can. And, of course, I write.