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I grew up haunting independent bookstores. I saw them as hidden worlds, filled with magical treasures that could only be uncovered by the somewhat mystical Book Discoverers employed within. When an indie bookseller would hand me a title and say, “You just have to read this. You must,” I knew they...
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Two very talented, award-winning authors just blurbed my book. I'm so excited! Here's what they said: "A gritty, surprising story that confronts important personal and social issues head-on." -- Tim Tharp, author of National Book Award finalist The Spectacular Now and Mojo "Corina Vacco shows...
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At the very young age of not-quite-three, my son, of his own free will, is reading—albeit only four words: go, truck, woof, and zoom—but still. He’s reading. It’s amazing to watch it all come together for him. For the past year, he’s been reciting his favorite books—all rhythmic delights—...
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Nearly one month ago, the Chevron refinery in Richmond caught fire. It happened while I was at a Left Coast Writers event. I drove home through an unfamiliar kind of fog. In the San Francisco Bay area, our fog is fluffy, clean, and smells of the Pacific Ocean. Chevron's fog was something else...
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