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Bridal Zodiac

 BRIDAL ZODIAC Energetic Sun proposes to emotional Moon / they begin to plan the perfect wedding / by consulting the  Bridal Zodiac / Aries takes charge, commences wedding arrangements / but doesn’t like to handle details / Taurus, representing Venus, takes over provides finances needed, demands quality services / Gemini, never too busy handles correspondence, dispatches invitations / Cancer’s concern is food, family, home Mom, glow of moody Moon / Strong willed Leo sets stage, gets ready to shine while progressing the wedding production / Virgo keeps all organized, constantly checking hired services and the important details / Libra lends balance to affair, promising elegance, charming looks and social graces, exudes Venus touch of love / Scorpio assists its Taurus compositecontrolling financing / Sagittarius works with the service site and the officiant in chargedebuts reception and bridal dance / Capricorn structures the procedure, brings formal traditionto wedding day, honors father, community / Aquarius notifies friends, includes them in celebrationexpresses uniqueness of bride and groom / Pisces satisfies the Spiritual, produces pictorial images, makes wedding dreams come true 

Cora Lee Palma-Hayden "A Touch of Venus - Wedding Planning with the Bridal Zodiac"