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Connie Kannady's Writings

I was six years old when I started school.  Rural Oklahoma in 1960 didn't have preschool or kindergarten.  And though I ached to go to school on the day I turned six, it was not to be.  When I finally got to go, I was thrilled. I quickly learned to read, even with the proper inflections.  My first grade teacher, Mrs. Berry, was so impressed,...
     Shards of Glass   So poised, You wear a perfect smile Great pretender At least for now. You're safe when no emotion shows For who can judge If no one knows? But hidden there, Beneath your poise, Lies all the hurt A deafening noise That yells and screams It's cold as ice But it's your strength Your sacrifice. I've heard you say No one can see what lies...
                                                                                              A Song Of Doves                                                                                             Tears sofly falling,                                                                                           Like leaves in the night...