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The poems in Render are snapshots of a family in crisis, infidelity, sexual discovery, and 40 years of pop culture from a gay poet growing up in the American South. Vanessa Daou says, "In Kelley's elegiac, soaring series of poems, we are seduced by his language, invited to join him on his raw and ribald traipsing across the wilderness of his memory."
Remain In Light
In 1968, Irène Laureux's husband was murdered during the Paris riots and his body dumped near Notre-Dame cathedral. Thirty years later, she finally catches up with his killer. With the help of American writer Martin Paige, Irène will illuminate decades of secrets and lies only to discover that her husband's death is part of something far more sinister.
Slow To Burn
Number Four in the ReBound Series. Originally published by Metromania Press in 2006; published in a new second edition with an introduction by Karen Head: “. . . Here is a poet who is considering, in a self-conscious but not self-indulgent way, how to survive in the world–a poet who burns to say something that will resonate with every reader. In the...
Conquering Venus
In the summer of 1995, young American writer Martin Paige agrees to chaperone a group of high school seniors on their graduation trip to Paris as a favor to his best friend, teacher Diane Jacobs. Diane hopes Europe will act as a catalyst to lift Martin from his grief following the suicide of his lover, Peter. But the trip proves to be more than either of them bargained for. Martin...
With change and uncertainty on our American horizon, After the Poison will serve as literary time capsule, capturing the events that divided many us, tugged at our heart strings, made us take a stand or simply look away. Kelley’s rank as one of our country’s highly regarded contemporary poets is well deserved, as proven by the beautiful work in this exceptional...
Collin Kelley's debut, Better To Travel, is a haunting cycle of poetry dispatched from the teeming streets of London and New York to the decadence of Paris and New Orleans. From these far-flung outposts, Kelley deftly and unblinkingly conveys the end of a relationship and the need to escape to sights unseen. Readers have compared Kelley's poetry to the emotional work of Anne...
Spoken word album from acclaimed poet Collin Kelley, featuring original music by Denton Perry and guest vocals by Christeen Snell. About Collin Kelley Collin Kelley is a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet from Atlanta. He is the author of Slow To Burn (2006, Metro Mania Press) and Better To Travel (2003), which was nominated for the Kate Tufts Discovery Award, Lambda Literary Award...