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Render has been chosen for the American Library Association's 2014 Over the Rainbow Book List! It's a fantastic honor to be on this list with so many fine books. Also chosen for the list, which features 71 books, are fellow Sibling Rivalry Press poets Joanna Hoffman (Running for Trap...
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The new paperback and eBook editions of Conquering Venus and Remain In Light from Sibling Rivalry Press are now available everywhere books are sold. You can buy from Sibling Rivalry Press, Amazon, B&N and Smashwords or find it at an ...
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Get a jump on your Black Friday and holiday shopping and pre-order the brand new editions of the first two books in The Venus Trilogy – Conquering Venus and Remain In Light – today from Sibling Rivalry Press. The books are on sale for a special pre-order price of just $11....
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  I am thrilled to announce that The Venus Trilogy has a new home with Sibling Rivalry Press. Both Conquering Venus and Remain In Light will be republished very soon in brand new paperback and eBook editions. We already have gorgeous covers, courtesy of graphic...
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In the summer of 2010, I had the amazing opportunity to guest lecture at Worcester College at Oxford University in the United Kingdom as part Georgia Tech’s Study Abroad Program. On my off day, I went with fellow teachers Karen Head and Colin Potts to see the Sally Mann exhibition at The...
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Render: Poems
My new, full-length collection of poetry, Render, is available for pre-order for just $11.96 at Sibling Rivalry Press. You can purchase it at this LINK. Praise Collin Kelley’s poems are postcards from the past — from journeys taken and dreamed, from places half-remembered or half-wanted,...
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Ferrol Sams
Dr. Ferrol Sams (Sambo to friends and family) died yesterday at age 90. He was my doctor from age 6, when my parents rushed me to his office in Fayetteville, Georgia after I fell and hit my head on a door hinge, until he retired. I remember being fascinated by his old office. The entryway was a...
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Poetry has been declared dead – or on life support – for years. I did a search of my blog and found a dozen entries back to 2005 where I've written about some pundit burying poetry before its time. Alexandra Petri is the latest undertaker in a Washington Post op-ed in the wake of Richard...
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Is it my imagination or did 2012 go by in a blink? Personally, it's been an amazing year. My second novel, Remain In Light, has been well-received, I self-published an ebook of short stories, Kiss Shot, and finalized the manuscript for my next poetry collection, Render, coming in...
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Kiss Shot Free at Amazon
My eBook of short stories, Kiss Shot, is free in the Amazon Kindle Store this weekend, Oct. 5-7. Even if you don't own a Kindle, you can download the eBook via the free Kindle app for your smartphone/tablet or the Kindle reader for your computer. You can download the ebook right now at this...
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Kiss Shot: Stories
Kiss Shot, my eBook collection of short stories, is now available exclusively in the Amazon Kindle Store for just 99 cents at this link. The book went live last night and this morning it cracked the Top 50 bestseller list for short story collections! The eBook is also available in other Amazon...
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Kiss Shot Cover 2.jpg
You can read "Clover Grill" from my forthcoming eBook short story collection,Kiss Shot, now at Scribd. The story is set in New Orleans and follows a mysterious woman named Catherine who arrives at the famed Bourbon Street diner in rainstorm. The full collection will be available...
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My eBook short story collection, Kiss Shot, is almost ready for primetime. Over the weekend, I made the corrections suggested by my editor along with a couple of small rewrites. The next step is formatting the manuscript for the various eBook uploads (Amazon's is apparently the easiest, while...
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Anne Sexton is my favorite poet. I discovered her in my teen angst years, but as I grew older, I found that her words still resonated strongly with me as I began creating my own poetry. Her fearlessness in writing about her mental illness, her foibles and volatile relationships remains a...
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Kiss Shot
My short story collection, Kiss Shot, is now with my editor. Whew! If you follow the blog regularly, I had originally planned to have the book ready last Christmas. Two of the stories needed more extensive work than I thought and since I am self-publishing Kiss Shot as an eBook, I decided to...
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