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Does God Play Favorites?

In between finishing up reports needed this coming week (yes, weekend work, aint it fun?) i would shift from window to window to give my mind a break. One friend's status caught my eye ".. is convinced God plays favorites" i responded to this with .. " i hear ya on that one".. after a few minutes, i cant get that out of my head.

I just had to ask myself.. Does God really play favorites? is it because we feel that, of late, or with much thinking, it seems that nothing great has happened to us or that we never seem to measure up to the best and fall short of expectation. I began to realize, it is after all relative.. God lets things happen to us with the pure hope that, we would have take-aways from every situation to make us better and stronger.

They say, time tests us to be patient and trials test the will of the soul and strengthens your core fortitude. Of the many storms in my life..i know, at a point i did ask God and did feel, "He must be playing favorites and He isnt being fair.." eventually my worry and that inevitable thought died down.. i found myself just living through it all...my take-aways? i always did have something learned from each life changing experience and have managed to apply it to my life today..

So what am i saying? Does God really play favorites? I know that he favors us a lot when we do what is right and what is good.. I know that doing what we know in ourselves that is right, makes God giddy happy and that everything else around us follows the positive path. I also know in faith that.. God allows both good and the bad to happen because we need to find ourselves and strengthen our core. Life's inevitable test - inspite the storms, do we come up for air and swim to shore or..do we fall back and sink to the bottom?

I also know that everything happens for a reason..may it be a progression of ill luck for a long time or that it seems..nothing is going right ever..He allows us to experience and use our ability to choose where to go and what to do next.. i

True that it does feel at times.. "why me?" and "when will this be over?"..my answer: it is never truly over..the only time that it is temporarily over is when we let go of our mortal bodies and turn back to dust..for the next chapter of "life" is where the soul moves on to the next life or even..to its final destination..

God favors us regardless of situation..good or bad..He sees our best efforts, hears every fervent plea, listens to our quiet ramblings (most times we know it doesnt make sense but to Him it is as clear as crystal), feels every bit of disappointment, comforted us when we least expect and moreso..has always blessed us with a sunrise and a great evening bed of stars..

Does He play favorites? If He does..He must have His reasons and I will not question that..for I know, I will do my best to how I know He made me to be..with no doubt..He favors us all, in ways we might not even understand or see.