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Oval Office Speech -- A Missed Opportunity

President Barack Obama's first Oval Office speech to the nation presented an opportunity to address an anxious country in the midst of the worst environmental disaster in its history.

Going for broke with his opening, Obama touched on the recession, the wars in (mineral-rich) Afghanistan and (oil-rich) Iraq, the "fight to al-Qaida wherever it exists" and the BP oil disaster in one foul swoop, neatly characterizing them as a "multitude of challenges."

Having been roundly criticized on every front for not being tough enough, sentimental enough, angry enough, positive enough and schizophrenic enough, his speech writers decided to lay into the oil spill with fighting words to describe the "battle we are waging against an oil spill" that is "assaulting our shores and our citizens."

The president made it unequivocally clear that BP was going to pay. Given the war analogies, Americans were surely swept with relief, reminded of how the oil revenues in Iraq would pay for the invasion once the "weapons of mass destruction" were confiscated, the troops gratefully greeted with showers of fresh-smelling IEDs and the Iraqis "liberated" with depleted uranium and weekend spas at Club Abu Ghraib.

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