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Big Island of Hawaii
Nov 2008

Clifford Kapono was in born in Hawaii when it was a territory of the Untied States, raised in San Francisco before Haight & Ashbury was discovered by the rest of his generation.  He came of age in Asia during a period of global conflict then discovered for himself the essential facts of living in the South Pacific where he chooses to reside most of the time. An avid blue water sailor and competitive outrigger canoe racer the ocean and its infinite landscape provides a place of humility he finds necessary to maintain balance in a competitive world. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Dartmouth College and University of Hawaii he looks to bring voice to the cloistered more quiet remarks of indigenous people.


Those in power typically write history’s first draft, which isn’t necessarily an objective perspective. For Hawaii those with perceived powers of western influence and global dominance have written our history. This difference or chasm that exist between our perspective and western cognitive definitions presents opportunities for us to bring definition to this interpretive vacuum of sensibilities. I am influenced by the power of the poles that ying and yang- pushing and pulling against one another in constant motion. What this is exactly deserves investigation; it is something I find incredibly interesting.

Upcoming Works

Fictional novel about two young boys coming of age during a time of chaos, cultural revolution
murder and mystery in the small rural town of Hilo, Hawaii circa 1917.

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