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Moments ago I added an offering to my Beautiful Desolation blog that's a tip o' the hat to All Hallow's Eve and an acknowledgement of the crushing depression I've been experiencing over the past couple of days.  Brain chemistry can be a bitch. I've taken an 18th century poem by Lord Byron and added...
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Added a new story to RedRoom, in my view the best bit of prose I've composed this year.  It's called "The Future" and you'll find it in the Articles and Stories section, in the column to the right of this posting. A bittersweet offering, with a coming-of-age angle. It's part of a short...
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Whoo hoo!  Finally got around to adding one of my favorite recent short stories, "DeathThreats", to my blog.  If you are cursed by mortal fears, have a dread of dying, this is the tale for you.  Mordant without being morbid, evocative, chilling and funny. Pop over to my blog and either...
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Sherron tells me I've really got something with the latest audio piece I've added to my blog.  It's called "The Departed" and it's another little beauty from my growing file of audio samples, themes and atmopsheres. Scamper over to Beautiful Desolation, plug in your headphones...and give...
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Now this one I'm proud of. My wife and sons have been telling me I'm really starting to make some cool sounds with my Garageband program...so I decided to post one of my recent pieces on my blog.  Hoping to get folks downloading it onto their iPods or iPhones...or whatever the hell it is they're...
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Oh, yes, I do love Garageband.  It has added a whole other dimension to my writing and if you'd like to hear the newest examples of my "spoken word" efforts, pop by my blog, Beautiful Desolation. I've recorded four more short-short efforts, about three-and-a-half minutes of prose,...
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I'm finally working up the nerve to explore some of the amazing things this iMac can do:  movies, music, you name it.  This weekend I recorded three of my favorite prose poems (short short stories), added some incidental music and sound FX and posted them on my blog. I'm a ham, I admit it, and...
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I've alluded to the four short stories that made my summer a living hell--well, now you can go to my blog and read them...and then tell me if the abuse I put my body, mind and spirit through was worth it. Personally, kids, I have my doubts.  I haven't been this beat up by a writing project in a...
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My muse is a pretty eclectic gal. She likes EVERYTHING.  Over the course of the past 25 years, I've written short stories, novels, poetry, prose poems, song lyrics, radio drama, stage plays, screenplays, reviews, essays, rants and just about anything else you can name--except haikus and limericks...
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I'm forty-six years old in October and I'm still building plastic model kits.  I don't know if this is a sign of creeping dementia or an indication I've never really grown up. I especially love any kit associated with old TV shows or the space age.  I own everything from an Area 51 alien space...
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Just added one of my most anthologized and best known stories to my blog.  A tale that appeared in The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror (thank you, Ellen Datlow) and leads off my 1997 short story collection The Reality Machine.  Just letting folks download and read it for absolute nada.  As in nada...
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I'm delighted to announce I've posted "New World Man" on my site, as of this morning.  I consider this tale to be one of the ten best I've ever written--it appears in my Reality Machine (1997) collection and posits a near future world where even the traditional family has broken up...and...
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Finally, some new work to show to my readers. I've posted the text of my radio play "The First Room" on my blog.  Do pop over for a look--you can download and read it for absolutely nuttin'.  Let me know what you think of this piece--I think it's the best radio drama I've ever created, a...
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Look, I love the short story format, I really do.  Cut my teeth on it, short prose taught me all I needed to know about sentence structure, pacing, syntax, proper word choice... But this summer I didn't have short stories on my agenda, I was supposed to be editing my third novel.  But something...
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Preparing to submit SOMETHING to Esquire's fiction contest:  but which of the three stories I've written and edited over the past month?  Aye, there's the rub.  I wrote about my dilemma in a bit more detail here.  Your sympathy and understanding would be much appreciated...
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