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That's right--once again thanks to my wife's know-how, our short film tribute to the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing is now up on YouTube and available for viewing.  Have a look here...or pop over to my blog (and catch up on my latest hijinks).  Remember to raise a glass to Neil and the boys on July...
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I've been going through another writing binge.  I know, I said I was going to try to take it easier.  But (adding defensively) I've tried to keep some balance, taking breaks to stretch, work outside in the yard or go for rides on my new bike. And when I finish at night, I'll unwind with a glass or...
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Hard to believe but it's true.  Forty years since Neil and Buzz tromped around up there on ol' Luna, while Mike Collins circled overhead, their ticket home and the only ride going their way for a quarter of a million miles. The moon has been much on my mind this year--and through my reminiscences...
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I confess:  I am a terminal, untreatable catastrophist.  The slightest setback, the oddest little twinge in my heart, a bump where there should be one, and my fears expand and billow up like a zeppelin (in this case, the Hindenberg). It might be brain chemistry or the fact that my childhood was, er...
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Meet the owner of a brand, spanking new iMac computer. Took a good deal of time to work up the nerve to upgrade from my old, old, OLD Mac but, I have to say, I'm stunned by what this new beauty can do.  This is all part of the process of addressing some of that sense of stagnation I reported...
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Last week I was enduring a kind of low period, my writing (I felt) in something of a rut...and, in one of those fortuitous accidents (synchronicity, anyone?), happened to pick up a copy of the surrealist classic The Automatic Message (Atlas Press), which I had ordered from the U.K. some time ago....
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  How do I introduce myself? I'm a writer, period--I offer no country of origin or comfortable niche I can be slotted into. My latest blog post on "Beautiful Desolation" explains what I mean. Get your butt over there and read it!
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That's the question I pose in my latest blog entry...and I wonder how many other writers out there will empathize? After spending all day in my office, staring at a screen over-flowing with words, how do I summon the energy to pick up a book only to be confronted by, y'know, more WORDS. Pop by my...
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A new essay on my blog that celebrates the recent departure of so many editors and publishing industry lackeys, cast out by their corporate masters. My contention is that this is a good thing for authors and bodes well for the future of books. Pop over to my site for a look...    
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Just finished posting a review of the new "Star Trek" movie on my blog. Check it out, fellow Trekkies, you'll find it here. Went to see the movie last night with my family. All I can say is...thank God the tickets were free.
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I have this fantasy, an elaborate, invented dream world, and every so often I give myself over to it, a willing abdication from the cares and concerns that assail me. I leave Earth Prime far behind and transport myself to a whole other place and time: I’m a good deal older but still quite vital;...
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My pal Gord sent me a recent article from the Globe and Mail, an update on Terry Fallis. I've blogged about Terry:  after having no luck finding any takers for his novel Best Laid Plans, he self-published through iUniverse.  The book went on to stun the Canadian publishing world by becoming the...
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Okay, I admit it, I'm torn. I'm a Trekkie...I'm a Trekkie and I've confessed as much in other forums and there's no getting around it, no twelve-step program or intervention is gonna save me. I hear about a new Star Trek movie, one that takes us back in time to where it all began and my widdle...
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It's been awhile since I've had some new work available for folks to read.  Blame it on my meticulous editing and an obsessive compulsive personality that sometimes slows my productivity to a crawl. But today I'm offering a couple of things for you to read (FREE! GRATIS! NO FILTHY LUCRE REQUIRED...
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I've posted on my site re: the latest cutbacks at the CBC, which threaten to gut our national broadcaster's commitment to regional voices and programming. The cuts also meant the loss of terrific programs like "OutFront".  A bloody shame, that. Hope any Canucks stopping by here will do...
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