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Who needs NaNoWriMo?

Every month is NaNoWriMo around here.

I don't need special events and hoopla to compel myself to sit at a desk and commence my magnum opus. Nope, I've been putting pen to paper for a quarter of a century now, day in and day out. That's what real writers do, ladies and gentlemen. They don't talk about writing, they don't sit around dreaming about the day they can begin their best-seller (which exists as a few scattered ideas in their mind)...

Writing is work, hard work. Just physically scribbling or typing 80,000 words is exhausting. Try it some time. And if you hope to write a genuinely good book, a solid, literary effort, well, you'd better be prepared to commit two or three years of your life (minimum) solely to that task. Sorry, that's the reality. And I don't mean every November, I mean daily. That's the difference between posers and legitimate authors.

Author...truly an honorific.

It's a title to be earned, not just 30 days of the year but 24/7. A calling more than a vocation. Demanding courage, commitment, sacrifice, persistence...and work. There are no short-cuts, no magic tricks, not if you want to make the grade, achieve any kind of posterity.

Robert Penn Warren called writing "the pain I can't live without".

The agony of creation, the shock and pleasure of bringing something new and original to life. It's a terrifying, bloody process...and absolutely addictive. 

Part-timers and hobbyists wouldn't understand.