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The "proof" is sitting on my desk

At long last, the proof of my novel Of the Night has arrived from the printer.

Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.

But the process of getting the book to this point has shaved months off the end of my life.  I've said it before, I'll say it again: Lightning Source does an amazing job but unless you're tech savvy, their procedures and templates will drive you out of your mind.  More hoops to jump through that a 3-ring circus.  And while their customer service folks respond to your missives, their replies, to a confirmed technophobe, seem decidedly unhelpful or confusing.  

This time around, Sherron and I were forced to throw up our hands and hand the formating of the interior text to someone else, a small company that specializes at creating layouts, etc. We're hoping that in future this will save us much aggravation.  The creation of the cover file was simple compared to that ****ing interior text.

But the important thing is the proof is here, looks great and we can now move on to actual production.  We have a local book launch planned and this coming week I'll be getting the Kindle and e-book version of Of the Night prepped.

If you'd like a look at Of the Night, you can pop over to my main blog, where you'll find pics of the front and back cover. 

Despite the frustrations and annoyances, I have to say I love being an independent author and publisher, having so much input on every aspect of the design and content of my work.  No idiot editors, no greedhead agents. 

Just me...and my readers.

Who have, unanimously, expressed their pleasure and approval for the books my little company, Black Dog Press, is producing.

That's good enough for me.  In the end, nothing else matters...