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The Future of Publishing

Here's a brilliant article my friend Gord sent me that, I think, presents an interesting view of what's going to happen with publishing in the next 3-5 years.  Some portions of this lengthy piece are sobering and depressing but, personally, I eagerly look forward to the demise of corporate publishing, which has done more damage to high quality literature than TV, video games and the internet combined.

I strongly believe that the big media corporations that currently own publishing houses are going to start dumping them en masse; there's simply not enough of a profit margin to satisfy the guys in the expensive suits. Plus they recognize that the new technologies (POD and e-books) will further erode their monopoly of what goes into print.

Agents and editors will become increasingly superfluous too as authors take their careers into their own hands, collecting a larger share of the wealth by producing their own books. We haven't quite gotten to that point yet but it's coming.

To which I say: good riddance!

Any thoughts?

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Right on!


I agree with your prediction re: self-publishing vs corporate publishing. At least I hoping. I've self published 4 novels (with www.Lulu.com). But self-publishers have to get the price of each book down and reduce the mailing costs. These costs greatly undermine their competitiveness currently.

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Coming soon...

The technology is moving so swiftly and I think those publishing costs will drop considerably, even in the next year or two. My main concerns are  a) writers protecting their copyright and b) actually getting paid for their books, in whatever format they choose.  Currently, I'm offering my two supernatural/occult thrillers for free download on my site, with an option to donate if readers choose.  Few have taken me up on the payment option but, in my case, I don't mind so much. I got into this biz to have people all over the world reading me, not fame and fortune. Using a Lulu type service is my next logical step, as well as formatting my book for the Kindle and other e-Readers. The problem, as always, is time.  I'm about to start work on my third novel and I'm the type of guy who doesn't like to look back.

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