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"The First Room" to air nationally

Well, it looks like it's a done deal.

The producers of the "Out Front" program in Toronto love my radio play "The First Room" and it will likely be recorded and aired in the coming weeks. A few details to iron out, the budget to nail down (since the play employs multiple voices) and then we should be good to go.

Special thanks to CBC Radio Regina producer Kelley Jo Burke who understood the power of the piece the first time she read it through.  The version that will be aired will be abridged because of space restrictions but I did the edits myself and I think it retains the emotional rawness of the original work.

And "Out Front" is a nationally broadcast show, which guarantees a pretty terrific listening audience from coast to coast to coast (up here in Canada we count the Arctic Ocean as one of our coastlines as well).

"The First Room" is an intensely personal radio drama but not strictly autobiographical.  I detest suck-ass memoirs by twenty- or thirty-something arseholes who think self-pity is a virtue rather than a vice. Junkies, sex trade workers, depressives, sex addicts...everyone lining up to claim their victimhood.  It's repellant.

My wife Sherron appreciates the "post modern" aspects of "The First Room", the way I splinter the point of view five different ways.

I just like the fact I avoided the "poor me" trap and created a powerful piece of radio theater.  I will be posting the two versions--long and short--of "The First Room" on my Beautiful Desolation website immediately after the show is aired so folks can do a comparison. I'm quite taken with both and can't wait to hear the finished production.

Tune in later for air dates, times, etc.

And enjoy the autumn.  Around here, western Saskatchewan, the fall colours are impressionistic, gorgeous, a stunning blur of flaming red, yellow, orange all through the river valley...